Gregory Berezkin – Will Celebrity Endorsement of Michael Sam’s Coming Out Help Him Find NFL Recruiters?

So Michael Sam came out about him being gay in an interview with the New York Times and has since then, became the center of much slander and many speculations. A relatively unknown American football player only a week before openly coming out as gay, the 24-year-old defender of the Missouri Tigers – the college [...]

Five Outstanding Players of 2013 Who Will Shine in the NFL 2014 Playoffs

With the regular season finally over and American football heading towards this year’s playoffs, here’s a look at the top five players you should be watching out for. They have been great in 2013, many have single highhandedly brought their teams to the playoffs and they’re here to stay in the game during the off [...]

Several Young Footballers to Make Commitments Post the Army All-American Bowl

The U.S. Army All American Bowl 2014 is always packed with a lot of action from fresh young talent and is often a great place for recruiters to hunt for the NFL superstars of tomorrow. Stars like Vince Young, DeSean Jackson and Reggie Bush are just some of the ex-U.S. Army All American Bowl players [...]

Gregory Berezkin – As the Alleged No. 1 Pick in the NFL Draft, Teddy Bridgewater Is Texan’s Only Hope

Now that the NFL regular season has ended for most teams and 20 over 32 teams have already begun their off season run, teams that couldn’t make it to the playoffs are eying the upcoming NFL draft to improve their game. These teams mostly look forward to roping in fresh, younger talent, apart from of [...]

Gregory Berezkin – Quarterback Jay Cutler Signs a 7 Year Monster Contract with the Bears

Bears fans just had another celebration added to their New Year festivities. Quarterback Jay Cutler is there till 2020 at least! General manager Phil Emery, announced early on the second day of the new year that Chicago Bears have roped in Cutler again – signing a massive seven year contract with him this time. And [...]